Shipping costs for all products except the grow cabinet:

The shipping costs within Germany for products up to 4kg are 4.90 EUR

The shipping costs within Germany for products from 4kg to 31kg are 7.90 EUR


The shipping costs for other countries will follow.


All heavier things and our grow cabinet are shipped with forwarding agents:

Shipping within Germany is 113,00 EUR. (Other delivery countries are listed below.)


We will contact you as soon as your grow cabinet has been manufactured and has received its final polish.

For the forwarding delivery we need a telephone number from you in any case!

What you have to watch out for during the forwarding agent delivery:

  • As soon as your plant cabinet is ready, we will contact you to arrange delivery.
  • Please include a phone number when ordering.
  • The delivery will be made within a specified time frame. You or a trusted third party must be present at the delivery address you specify at this time.
  • If there is no one there at the time of delivery (time agreed upon and confirmed by you), we have to charge you for the additional costs.
  • The delivery of your grow cabinet will be carried out via a normal furniture delivery.


More shipping costs for the grow cabinet in other countries. If your country is not listed here, please contact us. We will find the best price for you.

  • Austria: 144,00 EUR
  • Croatia: 213,00 EUR
  • Czech Republic: 288,00 EUR
  • Belgium: 188,00 EUR
  • Denmark: 188,00 EUR
  • Estonia: 213,00 EUR
  • Finland: 288,00 EUR
  • France: 232,00 EUR
  • Hungary: 213,00 EUR
  • Ireland: 232,00 EUR
  • Italy: 288,00 EUR
  • Latvia: 213,00 EUR
  • Lithuania: 213,00 EUR
  • Luxembourg: 188,00 EUR
  • Netherlands: 188,00 EUR
  • Norway: 280,00 EUR
  • Poland: 213,00 EUR
  • Portugal: 288,00 EUR
  • Slovak Republic: 288,00 EUR
  • Slovenia: 213,00 EUR
  • Sweden: 213,00 EUR
  • Switzerland: 280,00 EUR
  • Spain: 232,00 EUR
  • UK (excluding islands): 319,00 EUR
  • Ukraine: 280,00 EUR
  • USA: 650,00 EUR

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us: