A declaration of love to the art of craftsmanship and cultivation!

Like in the old times, we wanted to be able to craft a piece of furniture which not only works great and looks beautiful but also has a soul. We craft each cabinet by hand from the smallest screw to the hand oiled and waxed wood. Our craftsmen come from different backgrounds and ensure every piece is treated with skill and care to allow the perfect environment for you and your plants.

Simple and clean but at the same time warm and unpretentious. Form and function go hand in hand and at the same time define each other. Natural materials dictate the color palette as well as the overall appearance. While glass and contrasting colors will give the overall design a modern and sleek feel.

A clean design requires easy handling. Therefore, we made sure the computer-controlled light and fan can be adjusted logically and individually from the moment a seed is grown to the moment the plant is ready to harvest.

For a long time we have been looking for a piece of furniture that not only allows us to have all the flowers, exotic plants and medicinal herbs we use fresh in our house but also a cabinet that complements the living space. After our search was unsuccessful, we started to develop a piece of furniture that met all our requirements in terms of design, functionality and materials.

We are an international team of creatives, craftsmen, engineers and freelancers. We have many years of experience in various fields and have brought all our knowledge, skills and dreams together in this project.